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The Dodge Ram is virtually synonymous with quality and American craftsmanship. For nearly 40 years, since 1981, the Ram has been impressing commercial and residential buyers with strength, speed, and power, offering a premier experience with each and every model. For this reason, Ramsey Motors is proud to offer Harrison's residents and working-force the very latest and most dependable Ram Trucks at a fair price. 

Why You Need a Dodge Ram

With so many trucks on the road, there's a lot of competition to consider, leading even loyal Ram drivers to doubt the abilities of the best truck in the U.S. However, with the options and opportunity available from Dodge, there's no better vehicle to which to give a place of honor in your garage. Here, the experts at Ramsey Motor Company provide an overview of what makes the Dodge Ram your perfect next vehicle.

Plenty of Options

The Ram isn't just a singular truck: It's a whole range of trucks with plenty of choices to consider. The Ram is currently available at Ramsey Motor Company in all three main models-the Ram 1500, the Ram 2500, and the Ram 3500-as well as the Ram Chassis Cab, the Ram Promaster City, and the Ram Promaster. From a basic truck perfect for home hauling to power better suited for business, there's a Dodge Ram truck for everyone. 

One Great Deal!

It's no secret that a great truck isn't necessarily cheap. Plenty of premium models start at $50,000 or more, draining your bank account just to own a truck with adequate towing capacity. The Dodge Ram, however, won't break your budget; the 2018 Ram 1500 starts at just $28,900, a cost comparable to a midlevel sedan. Ram's 2500 starts at $41,710 which is only marginally more price for substantially more truck, while the top of the line Dodge Ram 3500 is available for only $43,900.

Amazing Towing Capabilities

Towing is a big benefit in a truck. After all, one of the top reasons for ownership involves the ability to tow your boat, trailer, RV, or car or carry heavy loads. A lot of trucks can stall with too much weight, making a big investment little more than worthless. Luckily, the Ram is different: Every model offers unparalleled towing capacity for easy use. The 1500 boasts a max gas towing capacity of up to 10,620, while the more sophisticated 3500 offers up to 31,210.

Modern Features

A truck isn't just a work vehicle; it's can also function as an all-purpose car for the whole family. The Dodge Ram pulls double duty perfectly, demonstrating a roomy interior with seating for five, award-winning IIHS safety features, a touch-screen command center, and connectivity compatibility with all of your favorite devices. Easy to drive and simple to use, the Ram is first in its class in almost every category.

Whether you need towing power or safety on the road, no truck can rival the Dodge Ram. Contact Ramsey Motor Company for your Dodge Ram dealer needs today to learn more about how we can help you find your perfect car.

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